Making the digital shoe fit at Athlete’s Foot

September 23, 2015 | CMO

Delivering a personalised experience digitally at The Athlete’s Foot is not about replicating what has become a highly successful in-store experience, it’s about meeting a customer’s next unmet need.

Speaking at the joint CMO, CIO and ADMA Executive Connections event, entitled ‘Mastering Digital Transformation’, director of multi-channel for Athlete’s Foot’s parent company, RCG Corporation Mark Teperson, took attendees through the challenges of bringing digital thinking into the Australian shoe retailer. He also shared how digitising the retailer’s customer loyalty program has helped build an appetite for digital change.

ASX-listed RCG Corporation’s retail brand portfolio includes The Athlete’s Foot, Platypus, Merrell, Sketchers and Van, and the group has distribution licences for another 13 global shoe brands. The Athlete’s Foot alone maintains 138 stores operating nationally, 95 per cent of which are franchised.

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